What to Look for in Selecting a Building or Remodeling Contractor


What to Look for – Insurances

Ivyland Builders provides you with insurance certificates indicating our coverage for general liability and workers compensation.

  • Make sure the insurance certificate is sent to you by the insurance company or its agent.
  • Review limits of policies to ensure proper coverage of potential claims

What to Look for -Experience in the Remodeling & Construction Industry

Ivyland Builders brings to your project almost 40 years of experience in the building and remodeling industry. Sharon Prim, president of Ivyland Builders has managed construction and remodeling operations for over 17 years and now applies that expertise with her women-owned business.

Project Manager, Martin Schaefer brings over 20 years experience in the construction industry as an officer developing and building 750 new homes, office condominiums and remodeling projects with a lifetime membership in the Home Builders Association.

  • Ask your contractors about their experience and education in the remodeling industry.
  • Ask for a resume of qualifications, industry affiliations and educational certificates.
  • Ask for references of customers who have contracted for similar projects


What to Look for – Safety & Building Codes

Ivyland Builders provides a safe work environment for our customers and workers by complying with OSHA safety codes and state and national building codes.

  • Make sure the contractor and their subcontractors provide a safe work area.
  • Consult with your architect or local building code inspector to test the contractor’s knowledge of the state and national building codes.
  • Ask the contractor for their drug and alcohol enforcement policies and if random testing is included in their policy for their employees and subcontractors.

What to Look for – Material and Mechanics Liability and Tax Liability

Ivyland Builders protects their customers from mechanics liens and tax liens by screening all subcontractors on your project. These subcontractors are checked for quality, service and reliability. We have their insurance certificates sent to us and completed W-9’s as required by the IRS. We only work with subcontractors with whom we have a long term relationship and employ good business practices.

  • Ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are screened so that you are not exposed to any mechanics or tax liens.
  • Ask your contractor for their tax identification number or the W-9 status of their companies and any subcontractors they contract for your project.